Recreation & Fun Near Your Round Rock Apartment

The oft-uttered phrase, “what’s to eat” is a question that families all around the world must answer every day, and the discussion can turn into a rather long one when no one can decide. In communities like Round Rock, which have substantial populations but aren’t huge metropolises like New York or Los Angeles, there are restaurants around every corner.

How do you figure out which ones are worth a try? One of the easiest ways is to perform a quick internet search for the “best of” in a given area. For Round Rock, that might mean visiting Trip Advisor or Yelp, as well as the sites run by bloggers and newspaper writers who love food. Here are a few places to consider when you’re looking for something to eat near your Round Rock apartment.

Where Do the Visitors Eat in Round Rock?

When making a list of the best restaurants in a given city, it’s common to feature restaurants that are adored by locals. However, Culture Map offers this sort of list with a twist by providing a list of the best restaurants that are worth the drive from Austin to Round Rock (or any other reasonably close community).

Here are the top five restaurants near your apartment from Culture Map:

  • Ajo Restaurant – Serves farm-fresh meat and fish dishes for brunch, lunch, and dinner.
  • Chennai Cafe – Offers Indian cuisine with a vast menu and adventurous dishes.
  • Greenhouse Craft Food – Designed as a farm-to-table restaurant.
  • High County Market – Serves a fantastic burger on a pretzel bun and delicious pizza.
  • Jack Allen’s Kitchen – Most items on the menu are locally sourced.

Austin is only around 20 miles from Round Rock, but it’s not uncommon for families to seek out food that’s no more than a few miles from home. These restaurants, however, are a great option whether you live down the street from one of the establishments or live a half an hour away.

Quick Meals and Fast Eats in Round Rock

Sitting down at a restaurant to eat a delicious meal is an event that many couples and families enjoy on a weekly basis, but there isn’t always time to sit down at a restaurant and take one’s time to eat.

Fortunately, Round Rock is large enough that there are some easy yet delicious comfort food and fast food options that aren’t necessarily huge, nationwide chains. Zomato offers a great list that includes:

  • Might Find Burgers – 201 University Oaks Boulevard
  • Promise Pizza – 1500 South A West Grimes Boulevard
  • Steak ‘n Shake – 281 University Boulevard
  • Bush’s Chicken – 1410 Round Rock Avenue
  • Freddy’s Frozen Custard – 707 Round Rock Avenue

Round Rock is also home to competing burger joints In-N-Out Burger and Five Guys Burgers and Fries, and those establishments are both worth a visit. Many people tend to like one over the other, but you have to try them first to figure out whether you’re in the In-N-Out or Five Guys camp.

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