Round Rock Apartment Parking

If you own a car or truck and you’ve decided to move into a new apartment, one of the details you’ll need to figure out is the parking situation.  Some particularly small apartments only offer street parking (like duplexes and four-plexes), and other apartment communities have assigned spots, as well as ample guest parking.

It’s important to decipher the parking situation at your future apartment before you finalize any plans to move because the lack of a spot or a difficult parking situation might make one Round Rock apartment community less desirable than another.

Some Questions to Ask About Your Parking Spot

You’ll probably have a lot of questions to ask your future apartment community management team, and there’s no shame in writing down absolutely everything you want to know about a particular apartment.

However, your questions shouldn’t just stem from the apartment itself. You should also consider the factors outside the unit that might make your experience in the community better or worse. Here are a few questions to ask: 

  1. Does the apartment come with an assigned spot?
  2. How many spaces are allowed for each tenant or unit?
  3. Is there covered parking or an outdoor parking lot?
  4. Is there an extra charge for having a parking spot?
  5. Can tenants purchase access to additional spots?
  6. Does the apartment community have guest parking?

And these are just a few of the questions you might want to ask your future apartment community manager or your landlord. You can even ask obscure questions like whether the complex offers parking for large vehicles (like motor homes), as well as what their towing policy is for cars that are parked on the property and are in the wrong spot or illegally parked. 

Buy an Extra Spot

Parking may be limited to one spot at your apartment community, even if you rent a two-bedroom apartment and live with a roommate or a significant other. Sometimes, your apartment community will limit spaces to one vehicle per resident, which may be a problem if you own two cars.

 There are several reasons that may require that you secure an additional parking spot for your apartment, and some apartment communities will allow you to purchase a second space for a modest increase in your monthly rent. 

Oh My Apt suggests: 

“Some [allow] tenants to “purchase” a parking space for an extra fee on top of their monthly rent.”

If you move into a large community with hundreds of parking spots, an extra parking pass might only cost you $40 or $50 more a month. Paying for a spot may also reward you with an assigned space rather than a free-for-all spot.

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