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The rental application has been designed to allow for a thorough financial and criminal background check on all prospective residents. Each resident is required to complete one copy of the application form. An application must be submitted for each resident or occupant 18 years of age or older. Upon acceptance of any application, the back must be completely filled out and signed where necessary. Two Forms of Payment Required: One for the application fee, one for the security deposit.

The screening report is based on a pass or fail basis according to rent-to-income qualifications, debt-to-income qualifications, overall credit score, rental/mortgage history, check writing history and a criminal background check. If the screening report returns with information contrary to our standards of qualification, an Adverse Action Letter will be mailed promptly. The Adverse Action Letter will supply information for the decisions involved in the final outcome of the application status, as well as how to obtain a free credit report.

A. All lease holding applicants must have verifiable income. The combined income must be at three times the monthly rent amount.
B. Income must be verified using the last four paycheck stubs as well as a completed Employment History Verification form executed by a direct supervisor or human resources. If the applicant is self-employed, then the previous year’s tax return and bank statements from the last six months will be acceptable means of verification.
C. Verifiable income sources could include: Current Employer, Child Support, Grants, Pensions, Social Security, GI Benefits, Alimony, Disabilities, Unemployment*, Trust Funds, Assets Receiving Dividends, Savings Account**.
• Unemployment benefits must be verified through the local Unemployment Office and the duration of the benefits must be concurrent with the entire lease term.
• If the amount in the savings account equals the monthly rent, times three times the term of the lease.
• Any other source of income that can be proven to be received on a regular basis may be considered.
• If the verifiable rent-to-income earnings ratio falls below our scoring guidelines, a co-signer may be used to achieve approval, if the applicant chooses to do so. The co-signer must complete a separate application and qualify under the same guidelines. However, the rent amount of the unit cannot exceed 25% of the co-signer’s monthly income. Any and all bankruptcy records will decline the cosigner application.

II. CREDIT: All applicants will be subject to a credit check, as well as a check writing history search, through Equifax, Experian and/or TransUnion. Applications will be denied if credit history is found unsatisfactory or insufficient.  Any credit report with a collection balance pertaining to rental debt, will be denied.  If an applicant has filed bankruptcy within the past 5 years, and the discharge has not occurred, the application will be denied. If the applicant screening reveals a discharged bankruptcy within the past 5 years, the application will be denied unless secured with an additional deposit of one month’s base rent amount, provided all other areas achieve approval. The screening search also verifies debt-to-income ratios and will deny applications where debt exceeds acceptable income thresholds as it relates to rent-to-income requirements. The presence of a public record on a consumer report negatively impacts the overall score.

III. RENTAL/MORTGAGE HISTORY: Rental/Mortgage history will be based on the length of history as well as the pay record. An eviction, skip or money owed to a current or previous landlord will be denied, unless paid in full. Applications reflecting a foreclosure(s) will be denied.  Applicants with reported rental debts to any Westwood Residential or Taylor Land Two managed property will be denied unless the balance owed is paid in full.  Any person(s) subject to eviction or mutual termination for non-rent related breach of lease at a Westwood Residential/Taylor Land Two managed property will be denied.  The applicant will bear the burden of proof if making disputes against the credit report.

IV. CRIMINAL HISTORY: A criminal background check is performed on all individuals age 18 and over. Applicants with felony or misdemeanor convictions or deferred adjudication for violent crimes against a person or law enforcement official; including, but not limited to, assault with a deadly weapon, sexual offenses including registered sex offenders or crimes against a child or the elderly, kidnapping, drug manufacturing, distribution, or trafficking will not be accepted. Misdemeanor possession of drug or drug paraphernalia convictions less than one (1) year old from the date of offense will be declined. Applications with other felony and misdemeanor offenses are subject to denial or approval based on the degree of offense and a specific length of time from the date of the offense. A list of specific offenses and the time line filters are available upon request. Persons with a misdemeanor for theft by check will be required to pay rent by certified funds each month. Remember that the criminal history requirement does not constitute a guarantee or representation that those residents or occupants residing at the apartment have not been convicted of any of the above-mentioned crimes. Additionally, our ability to verify this information is limited to the information made available to us by the resident credit reporting services used.

V. OCCUPANCY REQUIREMENTS ARE ENFORCED: The following occupancy guidelines are as follows:
Efficiency and One Bedroom/ One Bath No more than three persons                  Two Bedroom/ One or Two Bath No more than five persons                                Three Bedroom/Two Bath No more than seven persons

VI. IDENTIFICATION POLICY ENFORCED: To ensure the protection of one’s identity, and in accordance with Fair Credit practices, persons applying from remote locations, in which we’ve not had the privilege of identifying in person, must be present at time of move-in for the initial release of keys, security devices and final record of identification for the resident file.

VII. HOLDING FEE POLICY: The Holding Fee, Administration Fee, and Application Fee are required to reserve an apartment and hold it off the market from other prospective applicants. Upon application approval, the Holding Fee will satisfy some or all of your required Security Deposit. If you cancel your application, the Holding Deposit will be forfeited as liquidated damages.

VIII. ADMINISTRATIVE CHANGE: Applicants are subject to a $50 fee for any lease term modifications, including changing a move-in date, once a Lease Contract has been executed by any lease holding party.

IX. RETURNED PAYMENT POLICY: All Payments (including online payments and paper checks) not honored by the financial institution, regardless of the reason for the return, are subject to a $50 returned payment charge. If payment for the Holding Deposit/Fee, Administration Fee and/or Application Fee is returned, it must be replaced in full by certified funds only, within 2 business days, or the applicant’s unit reservation will be cancelled without further notice, and the unit will become available for leasing.
• All transactions will only be attempted one time
• No postdated checks will be accepted

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