Round Rock Energy Efficiency

You can definitely find some beautiful apartments in Round Rock that are also affordable and rich with amenities, but the savings you enjoy on your rental costs can evaporate when you fail to live an energy-efficient lifestyle.

Small decisions you make each day can create havoc with your monthly budget, and ignoring inconsequential issues can become quite expensive over time. For example, failing to comparison shop for your utilities can double some of your overall monthly bills.

Here are a few simple things you can do around your Round Rock home that can help you enjoy the best of everything that this vibrant Texas city has to offer – without breaking the bank each month.

Make Sure Your Windows Aren’t Leaking Air

If you have leaky, drafty windows, you might be spending much more on your heating and cooling costs than is necessary. A home that’s not properly insulated can mean that you’re using extra cooling power in the summer and extra heating power in the winter.

Mashable shares:

“Properly insulating windows makes the most of natural heat sources like sunlight, and has the added benefit of cutting down on your energy bill. Some easy ways to insulate a window include making a DIY plastic cover, or getting a draft stopper for the bottom of the window, which keeps out cold air.”

Fortunately, plastic covers for windows and draft stoppers are easy to install in apartments, and they’re removable, too. Draft stoppers are even an item you can take to your next home when you move in the future.

Don’t assume that draft stoppers are only good for people who live in snowy, cold environments. Keeping your apartment free of drafts is one of the easiest things you can do to lower your utility bills since items like draft stoppers are “set it and forget it” items.

Act Like a Miser with Your Lights

Were you constantly told by your mother or father to turn the lights off after you left a room during your youth? Do you have a grandparent who always admonishes you about your use of electricity and the wasted energy of a light bulb left on in an empty room?

Many apartment dwellers today are under the misconception that the presence of CFL bulbs and LED lights virtually eliminates the waste associated with lighting. While your energy bills may fall dramatically when you switch from old-style incandescent lights, using lights still uses energy.

If you can’t seem to remember to shut off the lights when you leave a room, you may want to put little post-it notes or other reminders up over the light switches around your home. It only takes a short time – perhaps a few weeks – of turning lights off every time you leave a room before it becomes a habit.

Consider: Make your energy-efficient lighting usage even more meaningful by practicing your good habits when you’re not at home and are visiting your friends, or you’re at work.

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