Lighting Up Your Round Rock Apartment

Sometimes, it’s easy to make your apartment feel brighter by tossing in a brighter light bulb into a fixture or opening some curtains, but sometimes it’s tough to make your Round Rock apartment feel brighter if you have small windows, or it’s the wintertime, and you don’t have much daylight to work with before it’s dark as pitch outside.

Here are some innovative ideas to make your apartment feel a little brighter, which are available whether you own your own condo or you rent a Round Rock apartment.

Find a Huge Mirror for Your Room

One of the most stylish ways to increase the level of brightness in an apartment is to use a mirror. Not only are mirrors available in all sorts of shapes, as well as in styles that will match virtually any décor. If you’re concerned about price, there are usually some very nicely priced options on sales websites like Craigslist and apps like OfferUp and Letgo.

Apartment Therapy recommends using a floor mirror:

“…besides brightening up the space, a floor mirror is also a great way to check your look before you go out into the world.”

Floor mirrors are ideal in bedrooms, but you can also find stylish options that are appropriate as an accent piece in your living room, den, or shared space. One of the neat features of a floor mirror is that you can tilt it and arrange it just right so that it reflects the light from any area of the room.

 Using Paint to Illuminate a Space

 There are several ways to create a brighter environment by painting the walls of your apartment, and most apartment communities allow residents to modify the colors of their walls while they rent. 

It probably won’t surprise you, but painting walls white is an excellent way to brighten a space. The native paint on the walls of many apartments is off-white, and some apartments even have wood features along the walls that can make things seem a little dimmer. A gleaming white wall can help you squeeze some extra illumination out of your room.

Pure Wow suggests you can take your efforts further by adding white rugs and furniture to your white walls:

“White is your new BFF–it reflects light, so it will magnify what little sunshine you have in your apartment. Too in love with your gray velvet chaise to replace it? White pillows and a light, textured throw blanket will brighten things up.”

It’s important to remember that some apartment communities require tenants to return the walls to their original color when they move out or risk losing their deposit. Make sure you inspect your lease, as well as speak with your apartment management crew, to determine the community’s rules on painting the walls.

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