What to Buy first Round Rock ApartmentOne of the expenses that tends to get a little out of control when moving into an apartment is furnishing the space. While it’s not that difficult to decorate your apartment and choose some decent pieces of furniture for the space, it’s far too easy to spend money you don’t need to on extra items, needlessly expensive gadgets, and furniture that is handsome yet completely unusable.

If you’re facing the prospect of furnishing a new apartment, or you’re moving into the first apartment where you’ll live alone, here are some details to consider when shopping for your first Round Rock apartment.

Outfitting the Kitchen at Your Round Rock Apartment

Even if you never cook, there are some items that you absolutely need for your kitchen, as well as some items that can prove helpful. You probably already know you need a cupboard and a refrigerator stocked with food, but you’ll also want to pick up some silverware, dishes, and basic cooking equipment.

You definitely don’t need to invest in a set of pots and pans that you might see in a luxury kitchen but make sure your pots aren’t made of aluminum, which can prove harmful if you cook in it. Buy a basic set of stainless steel cookware, and you’ll probably use it for several years before upgrading to something fancy in the future.

Other things for your kitchen that My First Apartment recommends include (and that aren’t immediately obvious):

  • Silverware organizer
  • Trash and recycling cans
  • Oven mitts
  • Drying rack for dishes

You may also wish to invest in a toaster oven, particularly if you want to save energy on your cooking. Heating up the entire oven just to reheat some pizza doesn’t make a lot of sense, but reheating most items in the microwave tends to turn them mushy. Try a toaster oven for reheating items like fries, pizza, and other things that aren’t too tasty when they turn into microwave mush.

Miscellaneous Stuff You Shouldn’t Forget for Your First Apartment

You might already own most of the stuff you need for an apartment, even if you’ve never lived in an apartment by yourself, or you’ve only lived in a college dorm. However, there are little things that you might find you need in the middle of the night and feel annoyed if you don’t have them. Here are some of those items:

  • Pens – Even if you usually use a computer to write lists, or you put your list of things to do on your smart phone, you’d be surprised how often a pen comes in hand. A few pads of paper don’t hurt, either.
  • Flashlights – A flashlight is a helpful tool to own, and you should have a few in different rooms of your apartment, as well as one in your car (if you own a vehicle). Don’t forget the batteries for the flashlights, or purchase crank-activated flashlights to save money.
  • Dustpan – You might not like to clean, but there will come a time when you spill something with a million little pieces all over the floor. Make sure you have a dustpan to go with your broom, so you don’t have to spend an hour cleaning up a simple mess.

Apartments in Round Rock – Rocking Horse Ranch

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