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Apartment hunting is an activity that can offer much excitement, as well as some feelings of nervousness. Will you find the “perfect” apartment? Will the move from your old place to your new home be a huge, costly hassle? Will you like your new neighbors and community?

Even if you’re a veteran apartment hunter, the process can still come with some stress and fear of the unknown. Here are a few things to think about during your search that may help you.

Be Realistic About Prices and Amenities

In many areas of the United States, there are shortages of apartments, and it’s tough to qualify for an apartment if your income barely meets the threshold or you have any blemishes on your credit report.

One of the most important steps you can take in your apartment search is to create your budget and stick to it when searching for apartment homes. It’s the worst feeling in the world to find a beautiful apartment and find out that you don’t qualify for a lease because your income isn’t high enough.

Tip: Don’t forget to modify your budget based on the amenities offered at an apartment community. Does your apartment complex have a gym or on-site laundry? You might be able to reduce your monthly expenditures with these features, which means you can increase your rent threshold.

Avoid Moving in the Summer

One of the most common pieces of advice offered by moving experts, realtors, and people who are part of the rental industry is that it’s a bad idea to move during the summer. Moving in the summer is very popular with families because that’s when the school year ends.

Secondly, prices tend to increase in the summer because rental availability goes down in the warm months.

The blog at SpareFoot shares:

“You often can find the same unit for a couple of hundred dollars less if you sign a lease during the winter when the supply of units is healthier, and rents tend to be lower. By the time summer rolls around, properties have leased a lot of units thanks to those lower prices.”

In addition to the price of your rental unit in the summer, the costs you incur with the move might increase in the summer, too. Moving companies work with supply and demand like any other industry, and they’ll charge more when their services are in high demand.

Consider Renter’s Insurance

Many apartment communities require that their tenants have a renter’s insurance policy, and these policies are usually quite affordable. Coverage for the average apartment full of possessions isn’t much more than $20 a month, and many policies are even less expensive.

The Texas Apartment Association shares:

“You should obtain renter’s insurance to provide protection for your personal belongings in case of burglary, fire, natural disasters, or other catastrophes. The property owner’s insurance does not cover your personal belongings against loss.”

You should always consider getting a renter’s insurance policy even if your landlord doesn’t require it because it’s so incredibly affordable. You can even save money on the cost of the insurance policy if you bundle it with your car insurance.

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