Sane with Roommates in Round Rock Apartment

Living with a roommate is an excellent way to save money on living expenses, as well as to afford the option of living in a luxury apartment community. It’s often less expensive to rent a two-bedroom apartment and live with a roommate than rent a one-bedroom apartment in the same community.

If you’ve never lived with a roommate and you’re thinking about moving in with someone else in the near future, there are some things to remember about living with another person (especially one to which you’re not related).

Consider the following if you’re thinking about moving in with a new roommate in Round Rock. These tips can also help you if you’re already living with someone else and you’re finding it somewhat difficult to live harmoniously.

Divvy Up the Chores Soon After Moving Into the Apartment

Creating a schedule for who should cover what chores is a project you’ll want to handle quite soon after moving into your new apartment. If you’ve known your roommate for many years, you might not need to think that hard about what chores you’ll handle and what your roommate will cover, but it’s a conversation worth having in any case.

Move Line suggests:

“Chore charts don’t work for every set of roommates (they’re a bit Type A, we’ll admit). But if you know that you’ll forget when it’s your turn to take out the trash without a physical reminder, mapping out your household duties could be a good thing. Pinterest has some great ideas for making crafty chore charts that look almost fun, or you could just set up a shared Google doc.”

Some roommates will work well together if one handles all the chores one week and the other roommate handles the chores during the next week. On the other hand, a pair of roommates might also work best when one roommate always takes out the trash and the other always vacuums.

Communication is Key in Any Relationship

While you might not hang out with your roommate or consider him or her a “best bud,” it’s still important to communicate regularly about anything and everything related to living in an apartment. Lack of communication could create strife where there wouldn’t even have been a problem if someone had said something at the outset.

Education Corner recommends “clear communication” from day one:

“Probably the most important tip for any relationship of any kind! As roommates, you’ll be sharing a small space for a long time, and you’ll need to respect each other’s needs and preferences. What do you know about yourself already? Maybe you expect things to be cleaner than your roommate does. Maybe you like to play music while you study, but your roommate can’t concentrate with it on. Maybe you need some quiet time each morning before starting your day. Don’t assume that your roommate will just figure all this out; communicate these needs, preferences, and expectations as soon as possible! This will save you both a lot of conflict.”

Even if you think you know your roommate very well, or you’ve already lived with your roommate in a different apartment in the past, having some frank conversations about expectations and issues can create a much more enjoyable and relaxed renting experience.

Consider a Home at Rocking Horse Ranch

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