Don't Let Your Pet Ruin Your Round Rock Lease

Finding a pet-friendly apartment isn’t impossible, but apartment communities that do accept pets often have some rules that apply to your furry family members. It’s vital to familiarize yourself with these rules because breaking one of them could put you in violation of the terms of your lease and result in extra fees or eventual eviction.

Here are some common rules you might see regarding pets in apartments.

Pet Damage, Pet Deposit, & Pet Rent

Most apartment communities today require a pet deposit, monthly pet rent, or both when you move into your new place. You may need to pay anywhere from $25 more for your deposit to a few hundred dollars more for your pet for the deposit. This increased deposit helps the property owner repair any of the damage your pet causes.

Some apartment communities may also request additional “pet rent” each month. A common amount for pet rent is $25 per pet, so you’d pay $50 in additional rent each month if you owned two cats.

If you have any questions about the pet rent you may need to pay, your apartment manager or the leasing agent you speak to about the apartment should have all the numbers ready to go regarding the cost for your pet to live at the apartment community. The lease will also include verbiage about any fees and rent required for your pet, so you shouldn’t have any financial surprises after moving into your new apartment.

Don’t Sneak Your Pets into Your Apartment

It’s important that you avoid trying to live in the apartment community without telling your landlord about your pet. If the property doesn’t allow pets, you could face eviction if anyone found out about your pet.

In an extreme case, you might experience eviction, as well as an inability to find another apartment home, particularly if your current apartment refused to give you a recommendation to your next apartment community. Many apartment applications also ask if you’ve ever been evicted, and you might find it difficult to find a new home with a fresh eviction on your credit report.

If you find the “perfect” apartment and the community indicates it doesn’t accept pets, there’s no reason to lose all home, immediately. You can ask

Restrictions on Pet Numbers, Breeds, & Types

Pet Finder has an example pet policy that you may want to read to get an idea of the rules your apartment policy might have about owning pets. Your apartment might have restrictions on what types of pets and how many pets are allowed in the studio:

“Common household pets shall include domesticated dogs, cats, rodents, fish, birds, and turtles kept for pleasure. No tenant shall have more than two cats or dogs.”

You may need to sign a “pet rider” that is comprised of a few additional pages attached to your lease that list all the rules and restrictions associated with having a pet at your apartment community. You may also need to secure additional apartment insurance to cover your pet, which is an option you will need to request when you buy your policy.

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