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Moving to a new city or apartment in Round Rock, TX is an experience that can range from utterly chaotic to smooth and efficient. The decisions you make before your move to Round Rock can make your move less expensive and help you make an easy transition from one home to the next.

Consider the following tips to make your move easy and breezy when you relocate to your new Round Rock apartment.

Create an Inventory of Your Possessions

It’s easy to forget how much stuff you have when you live in an apartment for a few years and begin stuffing everything you own into the nooks and crannies of your place. Your closets fill up, your cabinets become crowded, and it always seems like you can never get your apartment totally clean.

Moving to a new 1-or-2 bedroom apartment in Round Rock, TX is the ideal time to take a look at everything you own and decide whether it needs to come with you to your new apartment home or whether it’s time to part ways with items you haven’t even seen in years.

Here are just a few of the reasons creating an inventory of your stuff and donating items can help you reduce the time and effort it takes to move into your new home:

  • If you donate enough items, you can itemize those donations on your taxes (rather than taking the standard deduction).
  • Donating, recycling, and selling items can reduce your moving costs because can get a smaller truck and buy fewer shipping boxes and rolls of tape.
  • Selling items you don’t use anymore can help you fund your move and reduce the amount of money you must save for the move.
  • Downsizing how much stuff you own may allow you to move into a smaller apartment where you can save money on rent.

Moving into a new apartment in Round Rock, TX, close to the Austin area, also is an excellent time to create an inventory of your stuff and eliminate unneeded items because you’ll need to get everything out and pack it anyway. As long as you’re taking everything out of every nook and cranny, you might as well get rid of items you don’t need.

Reduce Your Packing Materials With Smart Packaging

Packing well in advance or taking your time with packing your stuff can help you reduce the number of boxes you need to buy or borrow. If you plan your packing, you can often fit more items in each box, as well as reduce the chance that you’ll arrive at your destination with boxes full of broken possessions.

Not only is packing efficiently a great way to save money on packing materials, but it’s also the best way to save money on the amount of broken or misplaced items you end up with at the conclusion of your move. Packing smartly – such as placing dishes vertically rather than horizontally in boxes – means less money spent replacing items that got broken in your move.

You can even save money on packaging by borrowing boxes or finding free boxes at your local grocery store. Even if some of the boxes don’t have tops or are just cardboard baskets, you can still use these boxes for packing if you’re just moving across town. There’s no reason to wrap everything in tons of bubble wrap and paper if you’re just moving a few miles away.

Start Your Apartment Search Early

Many property owners like to rent apartments swiftly, and it’s not uncommon for apartment seekers to find it necessary to rent an apartment as soon as they find the ideal residence, even if they’re not yet slated to move out of their old home. However, that’s no reason to start looking at the last minute for a new apartment for rent in Round Rock, TX.

Even if you find an apartment where the apartment manager or property owner requests that you put in an application right away, touring a variety of apartments in the city where you want or need to live is a valuable experience. You might even be able to secure an apartment a month or two in advance after which you won’t need to worry about finding a new home.

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