Residential smoke alarms provide 24-hour protection and aid in preventing apartment fires for everyone at home, including pets.  Whether people are awake or asleep, a properly maintained smoke detector is always awake – ready to sound the alarm, warning sleeping individuals of a fire before they are overcome by smoke or toxic gasses.  A properly functioning smoke detector saves lives.

Please do not disable or tamper with the smoke detector when it begins beeping as this is a sign that the battery warrants replacing.  Per your lease contract, “If you damage or disable the smoke alarm, or remove a battery without replacing it with a working battery, you may be liable to us under Texas Property Code sec. 92.2611 for $100 plus one month’s rent, actual damages and attorney fees. You’ll be liable to us and others if you fail to report malfunctions, or fail to report any loss, damage or fines resulting from fire, smoke or water.”

If your smoke detector is beeping, please place a service request with the office for prompt attention.  We will gladly change the battery for you or you can pick one up in the office. 

*Remember, fire safety is the responsibility of all, and should be practiced by all.