Round Rock Apartment Transformation

If you’re living in a small apartment to save money or you’re a resident of an apartment community that offers rather cozy floor plans, there are tricks you can employ to increase the perceived size of your home. Although you can’t exactly knock down a wall and make yourself a larger living room, there are some options available to you that can make your apartment feel bigger, even if it hasn’t undergone renovations.

Here are a few of the tools you can use to make your apartment feel larger and more spacious.

Forgo Curtains to Increase Depth and Eliminate Clutter

Curtains are a decorative element that can greatly impact the style of your apartment, and they’re important for giving you privacy whenever you’re in your home. Curtains are also important for making sure you don’t get too much sun when it’s hot outside and for keeping some of the warm air inside when the outside weather is cold.

However, curtains in a small room can also create some unnecessary clutter that can make your apartment feel a little smaller than the actual square footage might suggest. Eliminating curtains from your apartment can not only make your space feel larger but according to Buzzfeed, removing curtains can also create depth.

“More light gives a space depth. If you’re worried about privacy, roman shades or blinds instead of curtains look less crowded.”

The convenient feature about using blinds instead of curtains is that you can retract the blinds and get them out of the way completely, but you can also draw them at night and not really suffer from any added clutter since they don’t flow away from the window like a set of curtains.

Clean Your Apartment of Its Unnecessary Junk

We all collect junk over time, and it can become a chore to regularly remove items you don’t use anymore. However, when you live in a small apartment, it’s doubly important to avoid cluttering your space with small decorative objects and items that don’t make a true decorative impact.

If you look through your possessions and start to believe you can’t get rid of anything, you might try to see if any of your items are eligible for multipurpose replacement. Men’s Health explains:

“Stay away from bulky furniture, which instantly cramps a room—they also take up more space then they offer. In a small area, you have to get creative. Get an ottoman that doubles as storage, a dresser that doubles as an entertainment center, and a desk that doubles as a coffee table.”

You can also think about purchasing furniture that has wheels on it or is easy to move. In a studio apartment, you may wish to have furniture that you can swing around and move to accommodate guests when it’s not in use as a bedroom at night.

Need More Space? Consider Rocking Horse Ranch Apartments of Round Rock

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