Downsizing before moving into a Round Rock apartment

Downsizing an apartment can come with a lot of perks like lower rental payments, less time spent cleaning, or a better location that’s more convenient to work, school, family, or friends. For most of us, downsizing means getting rid of a few items that won’t fit, and it’s a process that shouldn’t happen at the last minute.

Here are some projects to consider if you’re thinking about moving into a smaller apartment in Round Rock or you’ve already made a choice to relocate to a smaller space.

Divest Yourself of Big Things First

You may find it easy to look through some drawers and toss, donate, sell, or recycle some items you never use, but you might not make a big enough dent in your overall possessions to warrant the effort.

Instead, Money Crashers recommends getting rid of a few large items first and then moving on to the smaller pieces when you can.

“If you know you’re moving from a three-bedroom home to a two-bedroom home, there’s absolutely no reason for you to move three beds, three dressers, and three bedside tables to your new place. It costs money to haul big furniture, and if there’s nowhere to put it, you’ll just have to pay for a storage unit.”

If anything, the smaller items can sit in some boxes in the corner for a few months after you move in. Plus, getting rid of the significant items can make your move a lot less stressful, and you might not even need to hire professional movers if you don’t have any massive piece of furniture that you can’t otherwise move by yourself or with a few friends and family members.

Look at Absolutely Everything Before You Move

When you move to a new apartment, you’ll probably find things during the packing process that you haven’t seen in years. Old clothing that you haven’t worn in a decade, little trinkets you owned when you were a teenager, and stuff that hasn’t been on display for quite a while.

Extra Space recommends and reveals:

“Open every drawer, look on the high shelves, venture into the attic, check outdoor storage bins and scour the garage. It’s no fun to think you’re ready to move, only to find your collection of stuffed animals and math textbooks creatively hidden.”

You might not need to get rid of absolutely everything that you’ve hidden away over the years, but knowing just how much stuff you own can make things easier when you have to load up all those treasures into a moving truck and unpack them at your destination.

If you’re worried about getting rid of items that have sentimental value, you might consider digitizing items that are just sitting in boxes. Not only can you scan your old photographs for posterity, but you can put them in a place (a digital place) that’s much easier to access than a box hidden at the back of a closet.

Tip: Consider digitizing your old cards, too. You don’t have to keep a hundred old greeting cards from friends and family. Digitize them and turn them into a virtual album of memories.

Find a New Home at Rocking Horse Ranch in Round Rock

One of the coolest features of the apartments at Rocking Horse Ranch is that they’re perfect for upsizing or downsizing your life. Not only can we help you downsize from a big house to a cozy apartment, but we can also help you upsize with a three-bedroom apartment that’s bigger than your two-bedroom apartment. Get in touch today to see our availability and to set up a tour of one of our excellent Round Rock apartments.