Round Rock commute

As you explore the different communities around Austin for your new home, you might consider Round Rock, which is about 18 miles north of Austin. A thriving city in its own right, Round Rock has around 120,000 residents who are avid outdoors people and have been lured into the enjoyable lifestyle of American suburbia.

If you’re looking for an alternative to Austin, Round Rock might be a place to consider, particularly if you’re searching for a family-friendly and thriving community in Central Texas. Here are some quick facts and figures about Round Rock, its commutes, and its growing population.

Can You Commute to Austin from Round Rock?

If you’re searching for a place to live that’s outside the Austin city limits, Round Rock is an excellent place to consider, but it’s probably not the closest community from which to commute to Austin. With its swiftly growing population and the growing amount of traffic that has come along with the increased population, some residents have found that it’s not too practical to drive into Austin every day.

However, Round Rock is an excellent place to consider if you’re searching for a town that offers an easy balance between a suburban lifestyle and the amenities of a big city. With a total population around 120,000, Round Rock is just large enough to offer ample employment, education, and recreation opportunities while remaining “small town” friendly.

The distance between Round Rock and Austin is “only” 20 minutes if you can avoid traffic, which means it’s close enough that you can travel into the city for events, entertainment, and the occasional work meeting without spending too much time on the road. According to website Estately, “Yes, it’s close to Austin.”

“Just a quick skip up the highway, Round Rock is indeed thought of as one of Austin’s suburbs, even though it’s officially its own city. But yes, you can hit cruise control (on off-peak hours, that is) and find yourself amid the lovable weirdness of the nation’s new favorite city within 20 minutes if you’re lucky.”

However, Estately points out further that living in Round Rock isn’t the same as living in Austin and that the two locales are quite different as far as their unique “vibes” are concerned.

Working and Living in Round RockRound Rock population growth

For the past several years, the population of Round Rock has been growing rapidly, which has meant some growing pains. However, the city remains quite full of locally-owned businesses like restaurants and little suburban shops where parents in SUVs and minivans take the kids each weekend for fun.

According to the website Livability, Round Rock is an affordable yet somewhat affluent community, and it’s even a highly “walkable” community.

“What about cost of living in Round Rock, TX? The median income in Round Rock, TX is $72,412 and the median home value is $179,900, which should give you a pretty good idea of its affordability. Round Rock , TX is also the perfect place to break in your new shoes, due to its WalkScore ® of 20.9801.”

If you’re interested in finding a place to live that’s outside the Austin city limits, Round Rock is an excellent place to explore during your search.

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